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Holiday Beef Entrees

Please call to reserve your Holiday dinner Burien: 206-243-1900
Des Moines: 206-878-3700
Newcastle 425-653-0700
Seattle: 206-284-3885

AMERICAN WAGYU BEEF STANDING RIB ROAST - $29.99/lb. “The best of the best”, this is the highest quality Rib Roast we have ever featured. Normally found in only the top restaurants in the country. Maximum marbling for maximum flavor. ¾ - 1 lb. pound per person.

“PRIME” STANDING RIB ROAST - $24.99/lb. The top 2% of all beef. Our signature roast and a holiday favorite. This roast is beautifully marbled to perfection, assuring it will always be tender, juicy and delicious. ¾ - 1 lb. pound per person.

“CHOICE” STANDING RIB ROAST WITH BONE - $19.99/lb. Perfect for those who would like a rib roast that is delicious and tender, but without quite as much marbling. We recommend ¾ - 1 pound per person.

“CHOICE” BONELESS RIB ROAST - $21.99/lb. Same as the Standing Rib Roast, but even easier to cook and carve, this is the prime rib served by many of the finer restaurants. We recommend ½ to ¾ pound per person.

BEEF TENDERLOIN ROAST - Known as “Chateaubriand” in restaurants, this roast is the ultimate in tender beef. Recommend ½ lb. per person.
Choice Graded: roasts $29.99/lb., center-cut $34.99/lb.
Prime Graded: roasts $44.99/lb., center-cut $49.99/lb.

BONELESS TOP LOIN ROAST - Also known as NY Strip Roast. Nearly identical to the boneless prime rib roast, but with less fat. Always tender and delicious. We recommend ½ - ¾ lb. per person.
American Wagyu $29.99/lb.
Prime Graded $24.99/lb.
Choice Graded $14.99/lb.

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