Earthy Spring Fiesta: Alaskan Halibut-Stuffed Arepas by Chef Luis Rodriguez

Earthy Spring Fiesta: Alaskan Halibut-Stuffed Arepas by Chef Luis Rodriguez

Author: B&E Meats and Seafood
March 14, 2019

These Arepas are easy to make, but when you serve them everyone will think it took hours to make. Only you and B & E will know just how easy this recipe is and you will look like a rock star chef.

By Chef Luis Rodriguez

Spring is such a beautiful season. I get particularly excited about integrating tropical flavors, fruits and vegetables that reveal my Puerto Rican heritage and bring back childhood memories of my hometown in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I love the freshness and greenery of the season. My spring dishes always showcase the colors and flavors displayed in this vibrant time of year.

Let’s bring it south
The great thing about the South American corn flatbread (arepas) is that it can be easily complimented by any protein and cooking technique. In this case, the sweet-tasting, delicate, buttery note of the Alaska halibut not only complements this dried-corn staple of the Venezuelan household, but garnished with acidic produce, the fried P.A.N. pre-cooked corn meal becomes the perfect marriage to this catch.

The wild side
Because of its leanness, this fish can easily dry out if overcooked. To maintain its tenderness and moisture, I choose to pan fry it to an internal temperature of about 125°F, seasoned with sea salt and a dash of smoked paprika.
I love the experience of buying seafood. Variety and expertise is always important to me and that’s why B & E Meats and Seafood is my preferred fish market. Those guys are so professional. I know I’m talking to experts that don’t just say “yes” to what I ask for. They get truly immersed in my dish preparation and will sometimes even help me brainstorm a specific dish. Beyond their very fresh food and fine cuts, they have four locations in the Greater Seattle area, which is convenient for me.

Greens and things
A Latin party (or fiesta) is never a true celebration unless it offers an extensive variety of color and texture. This dish is a scrumptious reminder of the classic fiesta piñata. The arepa is stuffed with the tasty fish and garnished with blood orange for a light, acidic pop, avocado for its creamy blend, mango for its sweet and tart flavor and papaya for its peppery savor and slight crunch. Can you say delicioso?

Additional comments
As a personal chef, I love preparing foods for special events, dinner parties and on-demand clients. For public events, I currently partner with Luwa Luxury Products, the premier distributor of luxury home appliances and outdoor living products headquartered in Bellevue, WA.

·   Wild Alaska halibut
·        Pre-cooked white corn mean (P.A.N.)
·        Avocado
·        Papaya
·        Blood orange
·        Mango
·        Sliced shallots
·        Cilantro 
·        Spicy cilantro mayo



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