Time To Order Your Main Course at B&E Meats and Seafood!

Time To Order Your Main Course at B&E Meats and Seafood!

Author: B&E Meats and Seafood
December 02, 2019

Celebrating 61 years in 2019 of bringing families together for Christmas traditions, B&E has just what you need.


Families around tables, talking, laughing, connecting over a shared meal. Being together is what’s important, but what draws us to the table? Wonderful food from B&E: fresh meats and seafood, marinated and smoked items, fruit sausage and bacon.


Order the main course for your holiday dinners: top loin roast, American Wagyu beef standing rib roast, crown pork rib roast, gourmet bone-in smoked ham, and whole smoked turkeys. More great traditions include whole salmon, crab, and lobster.


With food this good and ordering made easy as 1-2-3 (1-visit or call B&E, 2-Place your order, 3-Pick up at your convenience), B&E is your go-to holiday butcher.


Who knew how many options we offer:


Fresh Premium Specialty Free-range Turkeys Smoked Whole Turkeys or Breasts
Apple Smoked Bone-in Honey-cured Hams
Alder-wood Smoked Candy Salmon
American Wagyu Beef Rib Roasts
Choice and Prime grade Rib Roasts
Crown Pork Rib Roasts


When you pre-order for pick-up with B & E, your items will be set aside, especially for you, until Monday or Tuesday before Christmas, giving you maximum fridge space before the big day.


Let us help you make this the best holiday ever.


“Prime” Standing Rib Roasts - The top 2% of USDA graded beef, this has been our signature roast and a holiday favorite for many years. This roast is beautifully marbled, assuring it will always be tender, juicy and delicious - $24.99/lb.>
“Choice” Standing Rib Roasts - Perfect for those who would like a rib roast that is tender and delicious, but without as much marbling - $19.99/lb.
“Choice” Boneless Rib Roasts - Without the bone, easy to carve - $21.99/lb.
Beef Tenderloin Roasts - The ultimate in tender beef.
“Choice”: roasts $29.99/lb., center-cut $34.99/lb.
“Prime”: roasts $44.99/lb., center-cut $49.99/lb.
Boneless Top Loin Roasts - Also known as NY Strip Roasts
American Wagyu $29.99/lb.
“Prime” grade $24.99/lb.
“Choice” grade $14.99/lb.

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Click here for directions on cooking Prime Rib Roasts.


Prefer ham with your turkey?Honey cured, then smoked with alder and apple wood, we believe this is the most delicious, tender ham anywhere. Whole hams weigh 12 –17 pounds. Half hams weigh 3-8 pounds.
Gourmet Bone-in Smoked Ham - $5.99/lb. (whole or half) or Spiral Sliced - $6.99/lb.
Center-cut Ham Steaks - $6.99/lb. We recommend ½ to ¾ pound per person.


Click here for B&E's Ham Glaze recipe and other holiday cooking instructions.


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Premium Specialty Free Range Turkeys – These turkeys are so fresh that we don’t even bring them in until the week of Thanksgiving! They are raised outdoors in the cool, clear air of Northern Minnesota, 100% natural, no additives or preservatives, no hormones or steroids. We recommend at least one pound per person. Order as small as 10 pounds all the way up to 25 pounds - $2.99/lb.
Need something bigger? We also carry Fresh Natural Norbest Turkeys in sizes 28 - 32 pounds - $2.99/lb.
Want a simple way to make your turkey even more special, moist, tender and delicious?

Pick up a B & E Turkeylicious Turkey Brine and Seasoning Kit for only $9.99.

Fresh NW Natural Bone-in Turkey Breast - $3.99/lb.
Norbest Sweetheart Boneless Rolled Turkey Breast - $5.99/lb.
Frozen Geese - $8.99/lb.
Duck's - $4.99/lb.
Turducken - $120.00

Tired of cooking all day on Christmas day?
Slow smoked with alder and apple woods, our Smoked Turkeys save you time in the kitchen and have a flavor your guests will be raving about. Moist, tender and fully cooked, our smoked turkeys can be served as is or reheated in about 1 hour to serve hot. We recommend about 1 lb. per person.
Whole Smoked Turkeys - $5.99/lb.
Smoked Boneless Breasts - $7.99/lb.

Click here to learn more about cooking your smoked turkey.

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No holiday party or dinner is complete without B&E Smoked Salmon and Smoked Salmon Candy.

Serve it, at your place or bring along as the perfect hostess gift. Want to impress your boss or your best clients? Show up with B&E Smoked Candy Salmon!


B&E Meats and Seafood began smoking salmon many years ago. The recipe was refined over the last 30 years with the help of many key people. Once the Alder Smoked Salmon was perfected, everyone's favorite, Smoked Candy Salmon was added. The candy is boneless, skinless strips of salmon, that allow the smoke and flavors to penetrate all around. This creates a smoked salmon that many claim to be "the best they ever had!"


Warning: Smoked Candy Salmon may be addicting!


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